What a Fab Week-end I’ve Had!

As  mentioned before I was at two craft fairs on 12 & 13 November. I have had such a lovely time at both! Good sales (yay!)  but more importantly the atmosphere was wonderful at both craft fairs and such well organised events!

Oakham Castle: It’s such a beautiful building which just makes everyone happy any way, and the way all artisans chip in to set up the tables, put out the banners and A boards and generally help each other out is what makes being part of the Stamford Artisans Guild so worthwhile! We had a mild panic as we thought we were short on tables but people brought their own and lent extra tables to other stall holders and everything went on smoothly. Big Thanks to Guild members Eve – Unique pieces for Unique people and Cathi – Shedglas Design for all their hard work in organising this event.

Haycock Hotel: This was a new venue for the guild and we definitely want to go back. The arrangements were perfect, Everyone at the hotel was so helpful and it was a beautiful day! A special thank you goes out to Stamford artisans Guild members Gianni and Diane – 1.2.Tree for the hard work they put in to get this show on the road!

Looking forward to the Stamford Christmas Craft Fair on 4th December and re-visiting Oakham Castle on 12 December for the Late Night Shopping event now!


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