er Cuff FLORA (03) by Shalini Austin

Wide Embossed Copper Cuff FLORA (03)

‘Flora’ Embossed Copper Cuff

NOW SOLD! Commissions Welcome. Please contact me.

Embossed Copper Cuff FLORA is a cuff bracelet with a floral design texture which has been printed on pure copper sheet using a rolling mill.

I craft Each Flora cuff individually from sheet copper. I texture it using a Rolling Mill and give it an antique patina. The dark patina helps the embossed pattern to stand out making each cuff a bold statement piece.

This Copper cuff is a standard fit at approximately 6.5 inches, Width 4 cm wide. Truly a standout piece of art jewellery.

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Commissions welcome. The wide embossed collection of copper cuffs has been a very popular design with my customers and I would be happy to craft a bespoke design using a pattern of your choice.

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Embossed Copper Cuff FLORAL (02)