This is my workspace in one corner of our living room.  We set this up over the Christmas break and I think my studio space is looking pretty cool!

Thank you Mr A for sorting out the lights and other bits 🙂

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Playing #marchmeetthemaker catch up… I am on prompt 16 ???? Workspace. I have not been very well over last few days and have done very little work. Finally the brain is feeling a bit less fuzzy so I thought I would post this while I am sitting by the fire and dreaming of #chocolate This is my #workspace in one corner of our living room. Top picture is whole space which we set up over the Christmas period. Love the lights Mr A has made for me. So much light, so much more space. It is very exciting ???? Bottom left picture – the desk is in a state of chaos. I was working on rings and earrings until I got sick and they have just been left. Bottom right is the annealing and soldering station looking very lonely as it has not been used at all since Saturday. Normally my workbench is in between a state of chaos and abandonment. I have managed to keep it tidier because I have more space but some days there are hammers and bits of copper everywhere. Some might call it a mess, I call it playtime ???? #workbench #workshop #studio #studiospace Now I am going to pour a glass of wine and go back to dozing by the fire. Brain cells have had enough exercise for one day… #fatigue #as #ankylosingspondylitis

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