My World has been a bit of a blur in recent months

It has felt like 1 step forward 5 back since the iritis started in November. January felt like I had finally conquered it. February I got the All clear and then a few days later in February it was back in both eyes (insert swear word of your choice here!).

As if having it in one eye was not bad enough my workbench has looked like this a lot of the time in February & early March when iritis happened in both eyes!

But finally, at the risk of tempting fate, it is now feeling more like 3 steps forward and only one back. I still have my up days and down days but I can see a lot better now and the eye pain has become a distant memory. FINGERS CROSSED!

St Helena Rocks part 2
St Helena Rocks part 2

So what’s happening in my world? A lot less than should BUT

The Bead Soup Blog Party 2014 excitement has begun 🙂

Then there are the little pieces of Beach Glass I have to make something with for a lovely lady who lives in a village nearby.

More St Helena Rock has arrived from the lovely Em.

Wire Tree Commission in this style

And wire has been delivered today for a bespoke wire tree sculpture order for a silver wedding anniversary. Its going to be a silver plated copper wire tree in style of the tree in the picture. This one Mr A is doing as his trees are so much nicer than mine.

Onwards and upwards 🙂


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    • Ava
    • 19th March 2014

    Good news Shal. I hope it never ever occurs again and you become fit 100%.

    Much love.

  1. Thank you Ava 🙂

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