Zebra Stone Pendant 01

Zebra Stone Pendant 01

Australian Zebra Stone Jewellery

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Zebra Stone pendant 01 with silver plated copper wire bail.

The patterns on this stone means that a simple bail is be enough to enhance its beauty and a simple waxed cotton adjustable cord is perfect for this piece of stone jewellery. In my opinion this is a unisex pendant which both men and women would wear.

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Each Stone Pendant is one off and unique because the stone has natural markings as nature made it and it is highly unlikely that exactly the same pattern and shape will be found on another natural stone.

Cutting and polishing this beautiful stone was a wonderful experience. You can read more about the woes when I first started polishing it and the elation when I got the method right here.

Read more about our very first Zebra Stone adventure last year!

This pendant can also be worn on a copper torc necklace available in my online shop

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