Fabulous Start to the Craft Show Season!

Fineshade Woods Craft Show on 7 April 2013

And what a wonderful start to Craft Shows it was too! OK so actual sales on the day are nothing to write home about but as  I have said before I do not judge my events just on what I sell on the day! 

Shalini Austin, Jewellery Artisan at Fineshade Woods Craft Show on 7 April 2013

I keep a count of business cards picked up, future craft show leaflets collected and I feel like a princess when people stop at my stand, look at my work and simply say “beautiful!” Yesterday at Fineshade Woods I met some more people like that who seemed genuinely interested in knowing more about what I do, if I have a website, if I take bespoke orders and someone actually spent about 15 minutes asking questions about how it all started!  I also met Steve ( @gleamfloorcare on Twitter) & his lovely wife and enjoyed a wonderful chat about handmade and crafting. These are all people who didn’t know me before yesterday and now they know what I do. And perhaps they will tell their friends and perhaps they will remember they saw my work when they are thinking of a gift for someone or a treat for themselves!  That’s what it is all about!

The buzz you get from talking about what you love to do is worth every second of the early start, carrying boxes down the stairs from the office and the reproachful looks from the dogs as you get ready to face the world at another craft fair! No doggies I am not going to the fields without you (that is what they know as world!), I am off to show off what I do and earn some money to make sure your world is complete with chews, biscuits food and walks! 🙂


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