Motivation and Goals

#MarchMeettheMaker What motivates me? You all do! Customers, friends, family and sometimes random stranger son social media who like my work or leave a nice comment. Thank you all! View this post on Instagram #MarchMeettheMaker Prompt 15. Motivation/Goals What motivates me? You all do! #Customers who buy from me and recommend my work to others.… Continue reading Motivation and Goals

How I Learnt

#MarchMeettheMaker Most important things about learning: You never stop learning Practice, Practice, Practice. View this post on Instagram #MarchMeettheMaker Prompt 14. How I learnt Two most important things about learning are 1) You never stop learning & 2) Practice, Practice, Practice. I have not had formal training as such. I have not attended any workshops,… Continue reading How I Learnt


#MarchMeettheMaker Where do I take photos? All the ‘work in progress’ photos are taken on my phone. Product photos and videos in the online shop and sometimes YouTube are taken in our awesome light tent using a little Cannon camera More about Photography on Instagram: View this post on Instagram #marchmeetthemaker prompt 13. Photography All… Continue reading Photography

Hands at Work

#MarchMeettheMaker Metalsmithing is not particularly glamorous and I cannot remember the last time my hands (especially nails) looked pretty… But it is what my hands produce that matters and I thinks I do make rather nice copper things with my hands 🙂 View this post on Instagram #MarchMeettheMaker Prompt 12. Hands at work – I… Continue reading Hands at Work

Reducing Waste

#MarchMeettheMaker – The 11th prompt for Joanne Hawker’s March Meet the Maker challenge is Reducing waste. I recycle copper when I can. – Copper pipes are fun to shape into sculptures and jewellery. – Copper salvaged from old tanks can be made into wall art, sculptures, jewellery… wherever your imagination takes you really. Here is… Continue reading Reducing Waste

You (Me)

#MarchMeettheMaker Not a lot to tell really… I am from India, moved to UK in 2000 after I married my husband. We met in Madrid, were married in Delhi and now live in Stamford, Lincolnshire with our two dogs Taj and Manali – She sneaked into the photo! ????  More on Instagram View this post… Continue reading You (Me)

Story Behind Name

#MarchMeettheMaker There isn’t a story behind the name really, I just decided to use my name. More in the Instagram post below 🙂 View this post on Instagram #MarchMeetTheMaker – 9. Story behind name. It is just me ???? I started as a jewellery make & named my business ‘Jewellery by Shalini’. Things have progressed.… Continue reading Story Behind Name

Product Range

#MarchMeettheMaker I make Copper jewellery, sculptures, decorative items and giftware. Please do visit my website to see my range of products available to buy. View this post on Instagram #MarchMeetTheMaker Prompt 8. Product range I make Copper Things. I hand-craft decorative copper items, metal and wire jewellery, wire sculptures and occasionally lapidary specimen. I mostly… Continue reading Product Range

Less Glam Side

#MarchMeettheMaker My job is very glamorous these days… I have come a long way from boring work like Event Management, Movie Premiers and Chikankari parties for Bollywood people for sure ???? View this post on Instagram #marchmeetthemaker prompt 7: Less glam side Did I mention yesterday that on my list of jobs one is “wind… Continue reading Less Glam Side

Full or Part Time

#MarchMeettheMaker Do you do this full time? Is there such a thing as ‘All The Time’? ???? I am self-employed and I work full time. I do more than just playing with copper. I spend as much time as needed on whichever aspect of my work that needs it most at a given time.  Read more… Continue reading Full or Part Time


Flatlay is the 3rd prompt for Joanne Hawker’s #marchmeettehmaker challenge. I don’t take many pictures like this because most of my work has a lot of depth and dimension which gets lost when laid flat to photograph but I did take this picture to capture the gorgeous colours. View this post on Instagram #MarchMeetTheMaker 3.… Continue reading Flatlay

Favourite to Make

#MarchMeettheMaker Favourite to Make is the 1st prompt Prompt 1 of #MarchMeetTheMaker by @joannehawker – Favourite to Make. I enjoy crafting everything I make of course! But if I really had to pick a favourite I would say my air-chased copper pieces View this post on Instagram Prompt 1 of #MarchMeetTheMaker by @joannehawker – Favourite to Make I enjoy… Continue reading Favourite to Make